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The Big Bike Amnesty

At The Cycle Project UK we are passionate about cycling. We believe everyone should have access to a bike, especially children. Cycling isn't just fun, it teaches balance and coordination, is great for fitness and mental wellbeing not to mention the environmental advantages.

This year more than ever some families will be struggling over Christmas, so there is no better time to donate an unused bike so we can get it to a new home.

The Bike Amnesty is being mainly targeted at primary schools, the amnesty will tie in nicely to other school projects. We had some great freed back at the Youth Climate Summit and the Amnesty has gained some real momentum.

The idea is to build up to a bike amnesty, giving the children time to ask for donations and talk about other environmental issues and how cycling can help, we have lots of interesting fact's if needed! The Amnesty itself will be on one day, so the bikes can be drought in and collected at the same time, reducing clutter and giving us the opportunity for good press coverage and photos.

There are some restrictions on the bikes we can collect. As these are going to be for Christmas, if the bikes are too rusty on the frame, they may not be suitable. We can accept bikes with brake or chain problems, punctures or tyre issues, damaged seats. As long as the frame is in good condition, we can repair it and give it a new lease of life. The better the bike the easier it will be for our Christmas Elves to fix.

Please get in touch if you would like any more information or to get involved.

Our next BBA will be in November 2024

RL Hughes Primary

Gilded Hollins Primary

Appley Bridge All Saints 

Ebike conversion kits

We have front, rear and mid drive kits available to turn any bike in to an ebike. Why spent £££ on an ebike when you can convert the bike you have. Full fitting service available.

Our ebike kits are the best around, blue tooth technology means less wiring and less to go wrong, easy to use app to adjust top speed.

Summer Opening from 30th May

TIMES MAY VARY in Winter now we are running the Wigan store as well CALL OR MESSAGE if you want to be certain, please remember we are all volunteers so occasionally have other commitments.

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Directions can be found on our main contact page as The Wigan Cycle Project is also our Head Office