Wigan Cycle Project and The Cycle Project UK c.i.c

Mark Harrison - Director

The Cycle Project UK   A.K.A 'The Wigan Cycle Project' has a simple but very important goal. To reduce waste and get people cycling. I'm from Wigin (me), so started the Wigan Cycle Project for this reason.  We aim to put recycled bikes back on the street and use the parts if the condition of the bike is too poor. We also accept donations of bikes from the public, in fact we couldn't survive without your donations. We have small bikes from just £5, often converting them to balance bikes. For other bikes the price depends on the work and parts that have been put in to them, we really try to keep it as low as possible.  All the money raised goes back into the project to buy more parts and to provide cycling services to the local community.

Along with reducing waste we also aim to get people cycling and are actively encouraging people to cycle to work, school and for fun and exercise (and wear a helmet). Cycling can make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing, please give it a try.

We're here for the community, to get Wigan cycling and using some of the amazing new cycle ways being developed. With the help of FCC, Wigan Council and  you, the community of Wigan, this is very achievable

1000's of tons of bikes are taken to recycle plants every year and 1000's of new bikes are shipped in. The carbon foot print for such a green activity is huge.

Virtually all bikes, unless a small UK or EU company, are from the far East. The top 10 exporters of bikes, each shipping hundreds of thousands of bikes, the top two ship millions just to the EU/UK alone are from this area. Turkey is closest and is at number 10 on the list. Indonesia and China are 1 and 2. 

The Cycle Project UK and Wigan Cycle Project are the same company. I want the concept to spread throughout the UK, each area using it's own name, so  The Cycle Project UK is the official tittle. 

Do you want to start your own Cycle Project in your area?

 The idea is great, people love it and your helping save the planet and improve both mental and physical wellbeing in your community. If you're a keen cyclist it's the perfect job. The Cycle Project UK  will be able to support you both financially and with the business to help you grow. Once your up and running a small % will go to The Cycle Project UK which will then be used to support the growth in other areas and so on, changing the UK one community at a time.

Sat in a car

Sat in a car waiting to go but nothing is moving the traffic is slow.

It's not me in my car that's the problem it's all these other folk, using the roads and causing the choke. I'm just going to work, I'm not the problem, it's that plonker over there in his cheap crappy Honda.

Beeping me orn, the stress is too much, by the time I'm at work I'm ready for wom.

Home time is just as sad, sat in the traffic just to pick up me lad. When the schools out for summer it's not quite as bad.

Fuel prices rice as the fumes make me think, why sit in this traffic, this horrible stink, There's no need for this madness, not every day, I'm sat in this car my life ticking away. Tick tock tick tock, stop the clock.

A lad on his bike goes wizzing past, then he jumps on the side of the canal tow path, not stuck, not stressed not breathing in crap, but free as a bird and as fit as a cat (butchers dog didn't rhyme). It gave me pause for thought, is that something I could do? 

It's been a while, why did I stop? 

When did I go from being like him to sat here with 1,2,3,4,5 chins!  

Are bikes really that bad, do I need all this stress, all this cost, all this... tick tock tick tock.